Welcome to COACH ON THE GO

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Here’s What I do:

  • I coach individual clients
  • I facilitate workshops – I LOVE facilitating groups for one main reason…common humanity. In groups there is connection and the realization that you are not alone. My work focuses on vulnerability, courage, connection…you need to learn and practice these with others. You can’t do it alone!
  • I am a professional speaker
  • I work with youth in schools and as a Co-Facilitator of Fit+Fierce workshops

Here’s Why You Will LOVE to Work With Me:

  • I’m authentic, funny and honest
  • I create an atmosphere that is safe and fun and full of connection
  • I gather amazing people who are committed to doing the work & living authentically
  • In our sessions you will realize you are NOT alone
  • You will always feel valued because your story matters

I will journey with you to:

  • Dig deep in a safe place
  • Learn how to live authentically and imperfectly
  • Develop shame resilience skills
  • Learn how to live, love, parent, work and lead with your whole heart
  • Embrace vulnerability and see it as both courageous and necessary

Here’s What Makes Me Credible:

  • Rising Strong™ Facilitator since 2015
  • Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator since 2014
  • CTI Co-Active Life Coach since 2011
  • Teacher & Learning Support Facilitator 1996-2011
  • Bachelor of Education with Distinction from University of Alberta
  • Owner of Coach on the Go – Authenticity Coach, Speaker, Author & Workshop Facilitator
  • Co-Owner & Co-Facilitator of Fit+Fierce Youth Workshops


  • Where I will give you everything you need to live a life with courage, compassion & connection!
  • It’s the place where you will step into living, loving, parenting and leading with your whole heart!
  • My message boils down to this: I did it, and so can you! Because it feels so damn good. And because I don’t want to get to the end of my life and regret not showing up and being who I was meant to be. That is courageous, and that is work, but that is AWESOME!
Phone: 780-991-0191