Why Values Matter at Our House

May 14th, 2014 by admin Leave a Comment

At the end of last week, something really cool happened that reminded me why I love that all of us in our house are clear about our key values.

My oldest son came home from school and instead of heading to the couch to turn on the TV (like he normally does), he came over to me at the table and sat down. He started talking a mile a minute about his day, and then it came out…he had been sent to the office! In a nutshell, he and his buddy took an extended bathroom break together and the teacher did not appreciate it. I was a teacher, I get it! But here’s where the magic of the values came into play. As my son told me about the incident, he was choking back tears. I reminded him that the choice he made was not a great one, but that he is still a great kid and his teacher knows that. That seemed to help a bit. And then came the question I ask my boys often, “What value was not honored today?” Without even a blink he said, “RESPECT!” I said tell me more and he spoke about how he respects his teacher and he wants to show respect and that his choice today did not align with that value. WOW right? I know… it’s why I have put so much energy into helping my kids get clear about their own values. We talked about how you feel when you do not live in alignment with your values. In his words, “CRAPPY!” So, if he wanted the next day to feel better, he needed to find a way to align it with what matters most to him. He smiled, hugged me and that was it! And as a parent, those are the conversations I want to have when my kids are in struggle. After all, we’ve all made bad choices.

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