What Matters Mondays – October 24, 2016

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I truly don’t know where to begin. Loving someone is so incredible. Losing that person is devastating. This past week has had my emotions all over the map. One minute I’m crying and wishing I understood why this had to happen. The next minute I am laughing at a funny story about Keith. Then I am angry as I watch other people living their normal lives without this sadness our family is feeling. Then I vow to never love anyone again so I don’t have to feel like this ever again. Sounds pretty irrational right? It’s like a roller coaster. And I want to get off of it. I want to rewind back to two weeks ago when Keith was still here. I don’t really know today how we are going to carry on without him. But I do know, we will. We have the most incredible family and together, we will find a way.
In order to heal, I want to share with you who Keith was. Yesterday, we spent hours going through the condolence cards…with over 700 people at the service, there were a lot of cards. But here’s the crazy thing…the message inside most of them was very similar. They said, “He was a pillar in the community, an incredible role model to many growing up, a huge influence in people’s lives, someone who is leaving a legacy in everyone he touched, and someone who loved his family more than anything.”
For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that LEGACY is one of my top values. To me, legacy means to leave a footprint in this world and an impact on everyone you meet. Keith reminded me that you don’t have to do huge things, you just have to do small things with your whole heart. Keith was so generous. He always helped wherever and whenever it was needed. And he never did it for recognition. He did it because that’s who he was.
I remember wanting to build a fire pit for Lyle. I wanted to surprise him, but I could not lift the cement blocks. I called Keith and told him what I was doing and within minutes he was here, fired up the tractor and together we built the firepit.
Nolan had his first hockey game where the kids were asked to dress up prior to games. Lyle was out of town. I had no clue how to tie a tie. I called Keith. He was at a friend’s house nearby, and he came right over and gave Nolan a lesson on how to tie his tie.
He’d pick me up for hockey games after Lyle and the boys left, so I didn’t have to go so early. We’d have the best visits on the way to the rink, and sometimes, he’d even share his fries with me!
He loved being here to help when we were building our house. He wasn’t the foreman, but he sure helped get stuff done.
He loved to babysit our boys when we’d go out…even after they no longer needed a babysitter. He’d say, “Papa should probably come over and watch the Oiler game with you boys.” He loved spending time with the grandchildren.
One day I was on a mission to get rid of our old couches in the basement to make room for new ones. Lyle had no interest in doing that job that day, but then Keith showed up. I told Keith what I wanted to do, and somehow he convinced Lyle to do it. The old couches were off to the dump in no time. Keith and I chuckled while Lyle grumbled.
Keith always checked in on me and the boys when Lyle was out of town. If we needed anything he was on it!
If Lyle needed anything…Keith would do it. Run errands, pick up parts, come help him with a job…Keith just loved spending time with Lyle & Brian!
He taught Nolan & Spencer so much – how to weld, how to drive, how to run a mower, a tractor and log splitter, how to help out in the community, how to be good people.
The legacy he leaves is one of generosity and a love of family.
I have never been more committed to living my value of legacy than I am today. It’s why we are here. To leave a footprint. To make an impact.
Keith, thank you for being you. For showing up every day with your whole heart. There are no words to express how much you will be missed, you were an incredible man and role model. It’s time for each of us to reflect on the legacy we want to leave and to make sure we are living that each and every day.
Keith, the grandkids…they already get it. They are already leaving a mark because you were their example. For that I am extremely grateful! We love you!

To those reading this today…what legacy will you leave?





What Matters Mondays – October 10, 2016

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Happy Thanksgiving! I love this holiday! Not because it’s filled with turkey and pumpkin pie (although that is pretty yummy) but because it forces us to stop and say thanks for all that we have and all that we are. In the book The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist tells us that to move from a scarcity (not enough) mindset to an abundance (I have enough and I am enough) mindset, we need to practice gratitude.

Gratitude can’t be something we just practice on Thanksgiving…it has to be a daily practice. Whether that is a gratitude journal, a gratitude jar, a thank you card or message, a meditation…it doesn’t matter. As long as we are doing it daily, we move toward more joy in our lives.

I love to send a daily gratitude to someone. Whether it is a card, a text, an email, a phone call….it doesn’t matter. I like to begin my days by sitting still for a few moments and allowing all that I have to be grateful for to flood my brain. As I think of it all, there is always someone in particular who jumps into my thoughts that day. As I reflect on the role that person plays in my life, I am completely in a state of abundance. Any fears or lack that I may have seem to diminish in those moments. I write my message and I send it to the person. And my day begins in abundance.

Today my gratitude is to each of you…

Thank you for showing up each Monday to read my blog. Your comments mean so much to me. Mostly, they remind me how connected we all are. My struggles are your struggles. We are never alone.

Thank you for being part of my Coach on the Go community. I know that you are here because you are also choosing to be brave in your life even when it’s scary.

Thank you for being an imperfect, messy human like the rest of us. Perfection is an impossible standard, and it’s an unfair message to give our younger generations.

Thank you for choosing self-compassion over self-criticism. When we practice self-compassion, we invite more resiliency, motivation, healthy behaviors, connection and compassion into our lives.

Thank you for choosing curiosity and compassion over judgment. Using a values lens to look at other people’s choices is the most authentic way to show up.

Thank you for your willingness to embrace vulnerability rather than run from it. Vulnerability is NOT weakness…vulnerability is courage!

Thank you for feeling your emotions and getting curious about them rather than offloading your hurt onto others.

Thank you for choosing to live your values rather than simply profess them.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you! Thank you for showing up! Thank you for being who you are!

What is ONE THING you feel grateful for today?







What Matters Mondays – October 3, 2016

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I work hard every day to help my boys learn the important lessons in life, and I am so incredibly grateful when other adults step up to help too. It takes a village after all to raise great kids!

Last week, I got a call in the middle of the school day from my youngest son. He said, “Hi mom! Can you give me Amma and Papa’s (Lyle’s parents) home phone number?” I said I could and asked him why he needed it. He told me that one of his teachers had called him down to the office and gave him a mission. Of course I was curious and asked what the mission was. He said, “Well mom, Mr.Krupa was in charge in the office for a bit today, and he decided to call kids down during advisory block to give them missions. My mission was to phone Amma and Papa and tell them how much I love them.”

The phone went silent, as I was wiping my tears and I said, “Can you please tell Mr.Krupa that I love him?” Spencer awkwardly giggled and said he would, said goodbye and sounded really eager to get off the phone to complete his special task.

At the end of the day, I asked Spencer if he completed his mission. He told me that they weren’t home, so he left them a message. His message was, “Hi Amma and Papa! I guess you’re not home. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and I hope you have a good day.” He was so happy as he told me this. He then shared other challenges kids were given….all of them involved reaching out to connect and show gratitude to the people in their lives who truly mattered.

On Saturday evening, I was at a function with my mother in law. She came over and asked me if Spencer had told me what he did. Her face beamed. She understood that it was a task from Mr.Krupa, but she was so grateful that he accepted it and did it with such excitement and love. We both agreed that we need more Mr.Krupa’s in the world. We need people who help our youth practice gratitude, reach out in more ways than texting, and focus on what truly matters in their lives. They are kids…they need to be taught these great lessons along the way!

This likely started out as a fun way for Mr.Krupa to pass the time while holding down the fort in the office, but in that fun so many lessons were learned and so many hearts were touched.

I will tell you, doing something like this impacts the person receiving it, but it also has an incredible impact on the person delivering the message. It feels good to stop and be grateful!

Who can you reach out to today? Who needs to hear how much they matter?





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