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30 Days to What Matters™ – A Values Journal

This journal is the start of a journey to finding and living with authenticity and happiness. Each chapter is made up of reflection questions, beautiful quotes and inspirational stories from people who have chosen to live a life aligned with what matters. These brave stories will make you laugh, make you cry, and it’s very likely that you will see yourself in many of them. This book is ideal for friends, teachers, spouses, kids…anyone who wants to dig deep to connect with their true self and live a life of intention.

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What Matters™ Values cards

The What Matters cards are intended to be used to enrich the conversations you have with those you love. They can be used around the kitchen table or on the go. The purpose is to have powerful conversations about what matters and in the end identifying the key values of each person who uses them. The biggest game changer in my life was when I discovered my key values and had my husband and each of my boys do the same. When we find our key values, choose to live by them and give others permission to do the same, we feel most authentic and fulfilled in our lives. At my workshops & speaking engagements, I always get the same question, “Can you come to my house and help me and my family members find our values?” After much thought I realized I could, and the What Matters cards were born. I have poured my heart into them and I hope you will love them too!

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What Matters Workbook


Identifying your values can be a self defining process. If you are grounded in who you are, that can be the difference between struggling through life or living and thriving.

That’s why I created the What Matters Workbook. My 30 page workbook will help you find your values, live your values, and give others permission to do the same.

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