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Danielle Reed offers speaking engagements for youth, parents, schools and workplaces where people want to get connected with What Matters in order to live, love, parent, work and lead with their whole hearts. Where courage, compassion, curiosity and connection are valued.

 Live authentically, love wholeheartedly and embrace imperfection while giving others permission to do the same.



I loved Danielle’s talk about wholehearted parenting. She’s passionate, inspirational and courageous. She made me realize I want to and can be the kind of adult I want my children to become.  Rosalie


A message that felt like it was meant for me personally. If you are a parent and want to leave a legacy you need to hear it. Truly amazing, plus it’s wonderful to see that she walks her talk. Alexandra

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Danielle is an inspiration to every parent. If we lead by example and be ourselves, we give our children permission to be themselves. It’s okay to be imperfect. It’s okay to make mistakes. Live your values and live your life. Elizabeth


Phone: 780-991-0191