What Matters Mondays – Oct.31, 2016

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When you lose someone you love, you find yourself examining your own life:

Am I living with gratitude?

Am I surrounding myself with people who make me a better person?

Am I living aligned with what truly matters?

Am I living authentically?


About three weeks ago, when my life seemed pretty normal, I created a quiz called: Are You Living an Authentic, Aligned Life?


Authentic meaning… are you being YOU? Are you showing the world the real, imperfect, flawed, amazing, messy, beautiful you? Are you owning your whole story?


Aligned meaning….are you living your life purpose, are you aware of your values and are you intentionally living them each day?


My hope with the quiz was that it would give you an opportunity to step back and evaluate how you are showing up in your own life.

After you take the quiz, you are redirected to a journaling page and tip sheet. It’s here that you gain awareness.

Awareness is the key. When we stop to check in, we get the opportunity to make changes. We get the chance to move more toward an authentic, aligned life.


I know that my father in law lived an authentic, aligned life. He was genuine and real, and his values of generosity and family were evident in everything he did. His passing reminded me to check in every day…to make sure that the life I am living is the life I want to live. He was such an incredible example.


So today, I want to finally share the quiz with you. I hope that it gives you the awareness to live your own life with intention. I hope that it moves you toward a life of authenticity. I hope that it connects you with what truly matters.


To take the quiz, click here: http://coachonthego.net/quiz





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