What Matters Mondays – October 10, 2016

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Happy Thanksgiving! I love this holiday! Not because it’s filled with turkey and pumpkin pie (although that is pretty yummy) but because it forces us to stop and say thanks for all that we have and all that we are. In the book The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist tells us that to move from a scarcity (not enough) mindset to an abundance (I have enough and I am enough) mindset, we need to practice gratitude.

Gratitude can’t be something we just practice on Thanksgiving…it has to be a daily practice. Whether that is a gratitude journal, a gratitude jar, a thank you card or message, a meditation…it doesn’t matter. As long as we are doing it daily, we move toward more joy in our lives.

I love to send a daily gratitude to someone. Whether it is a card, a text, an email, a phone call….it doesn’t matter. I like to begin my days by sitting still for a few moments and allowing all that I have to be grateful for to flood my brain. As I think of it all, there is always someone in particular who jumps into my thoughts that day. As I reflect on the role that person plays in my life, I am completely in a state of abundance. Any fears or lack that I may have seem to diminish in those moments. I write my message and I send it to the person. And my day begins in abundance.

Today my gratitude is to each of you…

Thank you for showing up each Monday to read my blog. Your comments mean so much to me. Mostly, they remind me how connected we all are. My struggles are your struggles. We are never alone.

Thank you for being part of my Coach on the Go community. I know that you are here because you are also choosing to be brave in your life even when it’s scary.

Thank you for being an imperfect, messy human like the rest of us. Perfection is an impossible standard, and it’s an unfair message to give our younger generations.

Thank you for choosing self-compassion over self-criticism. When we practice self-compassion, we invite more resiliency, motivation, healthy behaviors, connection and compassion into our lives.

Thank you for choosing curiosity and compassion over judgment. Using a values lens to look at other people’s choices is the most authentic way to show up.

Thank you for your willingness to embrace vulnerability rather than run from it. Vulnerability is NOT weakness…vulnerability is courage!

Thank you for feeling your emotions and getting curious about them rather than offloading your hurt onto others.

Thank you for choosing to live your values rather than simply profess them.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you! Thank you for showing up! Thank you for being who you are!

What is ONE THING you feel grateful for today?








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