What Matters Mondays – October 24, 2016

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I truly don’t know where to begin. Loving someone is so incredible. Losing that person is devastating. This past week has had my emotions all over the map. One minute I’m crying and wishing I understood why this had to happen. The next minute I am laughing at a funny story about Keith. Then I am angry as I watch other people living their normal lives without this sadness our family is feeling. Then I vow to never love anyone again so I don’t have to feel like this ever again. Sounds pretty irrational right? It’s like a roller coaster. And I want to get off of it. I want to rewind back to two weeks ago when Keith was still here. I don’t really know today how we are going to carry on without him. But I do know, we will. We have the most incredible family and together, we will find a way.
In order to heal, I want to share with you who Keith was. Yesterday, we spent hours going through the condolence cards…with over 700 people at the service, there were a lot of cards. But here’s the crazy thing…the message inside most of them was very similar. They said, “He was a pillar in the community, an incredible role model to many growing up, a huge influence in people’s lives, someone who is leaving a legacy in everyone he touched, and someone who loved his family more than anything.”
For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that LEGACY is one of my top values. To me, legacy means to leave a footprint in this world and an impact on everyone you meet. Keith reminded me that you don’t have to do huge things, you just have to do small things with your whole heart. Keith was so generous. He always helped wherever and whenever it was needed. And he never did it for recognition. He did it because that’s who he was.
I remember wanting to build a fire pit for Lyle. I wanted to surprise him, but I could not lift the cement blocks. I called Keith and told him what I was doing and within minutes he was here, fired up the tractor and together we built the firepit.
Nolan had his first hockey game where the kids were asked to dress up prior to games. Lyle was out of town. I had no clue how to tie a tie. I called Keith. He was at a friend’s house nearby, and he came right over and gave Nolan a lesson on how to tie his tie.
He’d pick me up for hockey games after Lyle and the boys left, so I didn’t have to go so early. We’d have the best visits on the way to the rink, and sometimes, he’d even share his fries with me!
He loved being here to help when we were building our house. He wasn’t the foreman, but he sure helped get stuff done.
He loved to babysit our boys when we’d go out…even after they no longer needed a babysitter. He’d say, “Papa should probably come over and watch the Oiler game with you boys.” He loved spending time with the grandchildren.
One day I was on a mission to get rid of our old couches in the basement to make room for new ones. Lyle had no interest in doing that job that day, but then Keith showed up. I told Keith what I wanted to do, and somehow he convinced Lyle to do it. The old couches were off to the dump in no time. Keith and I chuckled while Lyle grumbled.
Keith always checked in on me and the boys when Lyle was out of town. If we needed anything he was on it!
If Lyle needed anything…Keith would do it. Run errands, pick up parts, come help him with a job…Keith just loved spending time with Lyle & Brian!
He taught Nolan & Spencer so much – how to weld, how to drive, how to run a mower, a tractor and log splitter, how to help out in the community, how to be good people.
The legacy he leaves is one of generosity and a love of family.
I have never been more committed to living my value of legacy than I am today. It’s why we are here. To leave a footprint. To make an impact.
Keith, thank you for being you. For showing up every day with your whole heart. There are no words to express how much you will be missed, you were an incredible man and role model. It’s time for each of us to reflect on the legacy we want to leave and to make sure we are living that each and every day.
Keith, the grandkids…they already get it. They are already leaving a mark because you were their example. For that I am extremely grateful! We love you!

To those reading this today…what legacy will you leave?






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